Pokédex Renders

Pokémon has been one of my all-time favorite videogame series. I didn't watch the show as I used before, but sometimes I do watch it and it's not really as bad as people say, though I can understand why the disprecancies between the anime and the games.

Making 3D renders of the entire Pokédex has been one of my biggest personal projects on DeviantArt, and I plan to make all of them; including the ones from the upcoming generation, Sword & Shield. I don't make only Pokémon renders for my project, I casually make some kinda complex renders as well, and even if it's a hassle to make them look as I want, it's really satisfying to see them shine and look great.

I use the models from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, since those models are actually the best polycount-wise. They are, somehow, quite high-poly for a Nintendo 3DS game, and they look pretty amazing when you apply the subsurf in Blender! As you can tell by my nickname, my favorite Pokémon overall is Oshawott, but my close second favorite is Ribombee, due to their absolutely adorable designs. You can tell I really love Fairy-type Pokémon.

Though I'm more used to make 3D renders, I do play the games casually. I'm not competitive and, even if I have a fairly good knowledge of making good Pokémon breeds (IVs, nature, moveset and all that mumbo jumbo), I'm more into fun battles than competitive ones. I'm a sucker for Metronome battles, but I won't say no to some regular battles. Just don't expect me to win all the time.

If you want to see my Pokémon content, look at the bar at the left! You can find all the Pokémon I did for my Pokédex project and the casual complex renders I do casually. Hope you like them!

by TheAdorableOshawott.
Link to the picture on DeviantArt.