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My recent addition to those games I play the most: Genshin Impact!. It's quite a nice game, especially considering I am pretty selective on them. Whenever I play a new game, either I drop it because I'm not interested (which happens a lot), or I do get addicted to it for a long while... which is very rare and this game's exception.

Since I don't really work with real human-like characters, working with miHoYo's amazing models of Genshin Impact's characters has been quite a challenge. It doesn't really help the fact that they are made for MikuMikuDance, so working with them in Blender is an absolute nightmare. However, these models have that exception where they didn't give me any issues when importing, so... it's actually really fun to work with them!

I started playing at the end of April, and I'm currently at AR 53. I'm not the most brilliant player and I'm still learning the mechanics of this game, but it's been pretty fun regardless! My main team is formed by Noelle, Klee, Sucrose, and Diona.

If you want to see my Genshin Impact content, look at the bar at the left! You can find all the Genshin Impact I did so far, Hope you like them!

by TheAdorableOshawott.

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